Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shop update!

I've added a few extra items to the shop - it only took me for-freaking-ever to figure out.

Look for:

Sock Monkeys (extremely limited quantities, so act fast!)

Tiara - pink with glittery, uh, tiaras (see above)

Pink & Green Damask



Silver Foil Scrolls

And new to Holiday Wear:


Sweet Hearts with Polka Dot Reverse

Also, and this is the exciting bit, I've reduced the prices on a few items after worrying my little head with number crunching.

For those who have contacted me regarding wholesale - I'm slaving away on it! I have about 6 patterns to offer along with the solid colours! Packaging is on it's way and providing my monster paper orders show up soon, I should be ready to go in a few weeks. So exciting!


Anonymous said...

How do you find such great paper for your wrappers?

Lisa said...

I buy paper from several different paper companies. I am hoping to begin having my own paper printed in the new year!